Introduction about Angular

Last Updated on May 14, 2022
Introduction about Angular

An Introduction to Angular

An Angular is a design framework and development platform to build a SPA (Single Page Application) that can be supported for all devices like mobile and desktop. It is an open-source JavaScript framework MVC framework for building a web application. Since this is a JavaScript framework, you must have some basic concepts of JavaScript language to understand Angular better.

Why uses Angular?

Every technology has its own advantages. Using the JavaScript framework Angular has also provided lots of benefits to developers.

  • Productivity - Improved Speed and Performance.
  • Maintainability – Using a framework is always easy to maintain the application.
  • Provides powerful functionality out of the box – ready-to-use functionality and feathers.
  • Cross-platform development – Angular can run on various cross platforms.
  • Faster development process – Framework always boosts the development speed.
  • Excellent material design library – using the library can help to build high-quality applications.

History of Angular

There are different versions are available of Angular. Let’s see what those are:

  • 2.1Naming
  • 2.2Version 2
  • 2.3Version 4
  • 2.4Version 5
  • 2.5Version 6
  • 2.6Version 7
  • 2.7Version 8
  • 2.8Version 9
  • 2.9Version 10
  • 2.10Version 11
  • 2.11Version 12
  • 2.12Version 13