C# Collections

Last Updated on June 13, 2022
C# Collections

C# Collections

In C# the collections can include specialized classes that can store a series of an object and values.

Basically, there are two types of collections in C#:

  • Generic Collections: using System.Collections.Generic namespace to include the Generic Collection.
  • Non-Generic Collections: using System.Collections namespace to include the Non-Generic Collections.

Non-Generic Collections:

Non-Generic Collection Short Description
ArrayList ArrayList can store an object of any type as an array.
SortedList SortedList stores key and value pairs.
Stack Stack stores the values in LIFO style (Last In First Out).
Queue Queue stores the values in FIFO style (First In First Out).
Hashtable Hashtable also can store key and value pairs.
BitArray BitArray manages a compact array of bit values which is represented like booleans type of value.

Generic Collections:

Generic Collection Short Description
List Generic List that contains elements of the specified type.
Dictionary<TKey, TValue> Dictionary<TKey,TValue> that contains key-value pairs.
SortedList<TKey, TValue> SortedList also can stores key and value pairs which can automatically add the elements in ascending order of key by default.
Queue Queue can store the values in FIFO style (First In First Out)
Stack Stack can store the values as LIFO (Last In First Out).
Hashset Hashset can contain non-duplicate elements. It also eliminates duplicate elements.